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ECOM Creates Online Marketplaces

The place where you can buy all your company business needs at the wholesale prices and zero risk.

Why do we exist ?

We believe businesses in the EU need a unifying trading platform. We’re taking on the challenge of creating a unique business purchasing platform that is effective, tailored to EU market realities and flexible to meet the demands of the European wholesale market. We strive to meet every business need and serve the whole EU business community to evolve and thrive.  

How are we unique ?

Save time

Making most of your time, while making wise choices for your company.

Build relationships

Connecting and uniting companies to build long term relationships with a goal to create one synergetic EU business ecosystem that will benefit companies, citizens and the world.

Create great experience

We’re making B2B experience human. Convenient, smart, beautiful. We believe that If we want to create beautiful things and a better future, we need to live in a beautiful environment.That is Ecom.

What problem do we solve ?

For buyers


To get the lowest price, without risk. We offer lower fees and savings to buyers, by offering subscriptions and added-value services.  

When choosing a product for yourself, you choose more by emotions. When choosing for your company, you choose by bottom line - you need to save money, save time, while buying the right product and ensuring you meet all stakeholders needs. It’s a fundamentally different mode of buying. By understanding and tailoring B2B purchasing processes to business needs and realities, we create a bigger pie for all parties to share and grow.

To exchage or return products without hassle.

Eliminating financial risks of working with unknown sources, new products and supply materials, while ripping extra benefits by taking calculated risks.

For sellers:


To distribute products, you need a team of qualified people, reaching customers and making trade deals. On Ecom, you need only a product.

To sell consistently, you need to reach companies through advertisement channels or email. It is slow and inefficient. On Ecom you can reach millions of potential buyers with a few clicks.

To develop and maintain an ecommerce platform that provides customers with essential tools with ever growing demands and costs of production as well as CapEx. We offer zero costs and maintenance.

to solid capital investments comes a risk of market downturns, advertisement efficiency volatility, customer churn, that makes profit uncertain. Ecom provides certainty with fixed low fees and stable flow of customers, with no unpredictable expenses and risks.

Our purpose

To enrich life and empower human evolution.

For-value company

We are a “for-value company”. We convert all profit to create more value to the stakeholders and the ecosystem. Shareholders do not receive any benefits, other than value holding in shares and exits.

Join us and Start selling

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